Dedicated to game preservation projects that I work on.

Game Preserver

Simply put, I am an game preserver for those game that matter the most in my life. Ive helped revived a couple dead online only games, and also been involved in some translation projects too.


  • Tales of Eternia Online (Current)
  • City of Heroes
  • Demons Souls
  • Dragon Quest Monster
  • The Archstones

    Website dedicated to Demons Souls Private Server im running. This included full online features as the orginal servers had. Please check it out if you have any intrest as it is a fantastic and a gem of a game to play.

    Tales of Eternia Online

    I am trying my hardest to possible bring back anything from this game.
    Servers are long dead and very little copies of the game even exsist, However I have the files required to get the game to boot and is currently booting.
    Replicating everything else will take lots of time, or even impossible. Right now its just a experiment.
    Progress at this point is I have recreated the patcher & the webserver for it to work, then also got the game booting.

    City of Heroes

    Not much to say here truthfully, One of the biggest MMO revivals projects that ever happened. Thankfully the most important one too.

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