Released Translations

Azumanga RPG

Developer: Team Tocoroten
Publisher: Team Tocoroten
English Translation Release: Dec. 25th 2022

PC Bump action, Bullet hell, Roguelike Doujin!

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Midgard 1998

Developer: BAROQUE
Publisher: BAROQUE
English Translation Release: Nov. 25th 2022

Your the last hope for this town to defeat what lies beneath the church. Choose a profession and get exploring, in this early PC D-RPG.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation: Troy

Developer: Dimps
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
English Translation Released: Nov. 16th 2022

Japanese exclusive XBOX 360 Gundam game. Set during the one year war, featuring an all-out war between the Princiaplity of Zeon and the EFF.

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Current Projects

Below are the projects im currently actively working on or contributing to.

The Archstones

Website dedicated to Demon's Souls Private Server. This includes full online features as the original servers had, plus more. Please check it out if you are interested as it is a fantastic gem of a game to play.

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Cross Hermit

Cross Hermit is an S-RPG Developed by Kogado Studios in 2002. Translation efforts are still progressing.

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Tales of Eternia Online

A childhood personal favorite. Servers are long dead and very few physical copies of the game even exist. However, I have the files required to get the game to boot and is currently booting. Replicating everything else will take lots of time, or even be impossible. Right now it's just an experiment. Progress at this point is I have recreated the patcher & the webserver for the game to boot and progress to server select.

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City of Heroes

Not much to say here truthfully, One of the biggest MMO revivals projects that ever happened. Thankfully the most important one too.

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