Dedicated to Game Preservation Projects that I Contribute/Work On

Game Preservationist

Simply put, I am a Game Preservationist & Translator for those games that matter the most in my life. I've helped revive a couple of killed online only games, and also been involved in some translation projects too. I like to get my hands dirty on anything that interests me.


  • Cross Hermit (Current)
  • Tales of Eternia Online
  • City of Heroes
  • Demon's Souls (Current Long Term)
  • Monster Hunter Frontier (Minor)
  • The Archstones

    A website dedicated to Demon's Souls Private Server. This includes full online features as the original servers had plus more. Please check it out if you have any interest as it is a fantastic gem of a game to play.

    Cross Hermit

    Cross Hermit is a S-RPG Developed by Kogado Studios in 2002.
    The game is quite unknown to the western audience so im changing that with the 20th anniversary coming up.
    I plan on doing a full translation and ensuring the game is working with Windows 10 correctly.
    Currently work is progressing very nicely. Please check out the below links for more information, like discord server which will contain all the latest info.

    Tales of Eternia Online

    I am trying my hardest to possibly bring back anything from this game.
    Servers are long dead and very little copies of the game even exist, However, I have the files required to get the game to boot and is currently booting.
    Replicating everything else will take lots of time, or even impossible. Right now it's just an experiment.
    Progress at this point is I have recreated the patcher & the webserver for it to work, they also got the game booting.

    City of Heroes

    Not much to say here truthfully, One of the biggest MMO revivals projects that ever happened. Thankfully the most important one too.

    Monster Hunter MMO's

    Prelimemary work on Monster Hunter Online (Chinese Version) has been done, but alot of the game was encrypted and server side. Lots of work to be done here before anything resonable happens. Focusing on my passion project right now.

    Monster Hunter Frontier - Started to work with the team over at Future of Frontier. Please be certain to check out the progress below! One day there will certainly be a fully translated, and working server! I'll update here once more work has been done.

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