Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation: Troy

XBOX 360 Action/Shooter released in 2008 by Namco Bandai Games

Game Overview

Translation Files

  • V1.0 Released on November 16th, 2022

Get them here

Translation Credits

  • Yuvi (Twitter, @YuviApp) - Hacking, Tool Creator, Image Editing, Game Translation, Script Editing, Playtesting
  • SnowyAria/ArcaneAria(Twitter, @SnowyAria) - Game Translation, Script Editing, Playtesting
  • Eight Mansions Team - Playtesting

Translation / Reverse Engineering Notes


  1. Game script is split between many files.
  2. XML Files at heart
Inside the Content->Textures->XUI Folder are many files some are images, and some is actully the script in form of a obfuscated XML file. However there are some quirks as if you try just editing it as a XML it wont load and will crash the game. You need to edit them on a binary level, and insert additonal bytes to signify new lines, new text box, etc.

Image Files

  1. Lots of image files
  2. Headerless Swizzled DDS
  3. DXT1-5 & RAW is used
Cracking the code on these swizzled DDS was a huge pain. But after finding the appropriate size of each image. (Thankfully, the game was nice enough to provide a map of most DDS images and size) I was able to get them into a readable swizzled format. After that came the hard part of aligning the bits, which it was a reverse 2-byte swap on every 16 bytes. So after some coding and implementing this into my toolkit i was able to get these readable. Inserting them back was thankfully easier, as you could take a TGA file, and use a certain undisclosed executable to have it put into the right format for you.

Japanese Cover

Additional links

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