Midgard ミッドガルド

PC Dungeon Crawler RPG released in 1998 by BAROQUE

Game Overview

I think Sam Derboo over at Hardcore Gaming 101 did a better job at explaining this game then I ever will. So ill refer you to go read their overview of the game.


Translation Files

V1.0 Patch

Translation Credits

  • Yuvi (Twitter, @YuviApp) - Hacking, Tool Creator, Game Translation, Script Editing, Playtesting
  • SnowyAria/ArcaneAria(Twitter, @SnowyAria) - Game Translation, Script Editing, Playtesting
  • Eight Mansions Team - Playtesting

Translation / Reverse Engineering Notes


  1. Game script is stored within the EXE
  2. Script Pointer Table: 0x16CDB4 (int32 pointers)
  3. Offset Value: 0x400000
Since all the text was stored within the games EXE. I first needed to expand the EXE data section with additional space so we could use that for the longer English text. After doing so i could now point the text pointer offsets to the new location of the script. The game does not contain a huge amount of text, so it was easy to tackle with little help.

Data Files

Majority of the texture files are stored in BMP. There is only one expectation which is the game00.dat which contains PPF files, used to generate the dungeons. Upon loading a new floor of the dungeon, the game will use this game00.data and copy files out of it and into the corresponding 00-12 folders to represent the generated dungeon. So if you wanna share a similar "seed" just generate these dungeons, and copy those folders.

Japanese Cover

Korean Cover